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Focusing on trading and marketing through various of online platforms, we have gathered the knowledge and tools into a single network system Operated in various B2B and B2C categories Alongside our global logistics chain for offline support. 

Join to discover the tools needed for online work to succeed and establish the competitive edge in your field. Get the latest tools to run your business using a lean management method to manage your business as a CEO in a budget that suits you or ask for expert help. 

We see the new world smaller, more developed and full of great business opportunities for every business in any scale. Based on the existing talent in your core business, We believe that in every small as a large business lies a whole world of potential. 

so together with the right characterization and a little help from the right expert on our network you can realize this potential. 


Each partner can grow with us and even support existing members in our network.

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Online Platforms

As the world becomes more global, so does the use of the Internet, which is actually the connecting tool who makes the world appear smaller day by day.

Those who do not exist online will be left behind.

Start considering the endless possibilities in your field. Get quick results and measurements for any budget you choose.

SEO, new media, affiliate programs, global trading, marketplaces, online branding, marketing, analysis, monitoring and more are now open for all. 

Use them all to kick-start your business online and learn how to run your business like a firm

Achieve your full business potential in digital

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Business Development

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Select your interest area and you will receive personalized business support

Sales and Marketing


 למסחר וצרכנות אונליין עם מעל מ 300 מיליון משתמשים. מחזור המכירות של אמזון לשנת 2017
177 מליארד דולר  ומוערך בכ- 43% מסך היקף המכירות הקמעוניות אונליין בארהב. עם מספרים כאלו אין מה להוסיף אמזון היא ללא ספק המהפכה הצרכנית של השנים האחרונות.  
גלו את הפתרונות הלוגיסטים ואת האפשרויות האדירות לחקר שוק וליציאה לשווקים גלובלים

Toolbox your business through international trade process with the best online platforms in the world

Get free Business Development brief Plan for your specific business 

Online Business Development

The lesson of a local market

Why is it important to go up now and market online like a pro, and what happened to those who did not make the progress on time

Growth Hacker 

Analytics  Marketing  growth generator using an innovative method that emphasizes smart analysis of consumer behavior at various stages of the sales process.
This method is essentially an analysis of your users / customers' behavior and reasoning for continuous improvement of content and a smooth sales leads process
Any product or service can benefit from the advantages of the system, whether inside or outside the network

Your gate to Israel

Israel considered a startup nation.
As a technological leader in high-tech, communications, agriculture solutions, food industries and much more.

over years Israel has become a fusion of cultures what made her microcosm of the world and great center of history, culture, and commerce.

This special blend has created a strong and diverse modern economy powered by strong motivation and  some of the top innovation abilities in the world

Discover Israel through Liba Network

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