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כלים לחקר שוק לסוחרי אמזון

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Lately, selling on Amazon has become quite a task. There are so many people on this platform that makes you almost invisible in that sea of associates. To stand out from all Merchants, you need to do something out of the ordinary, and in principle to be a professional with the appropriate knowledge and tools..

Many eCommerce tools help in regulating sales and other marketing on Amazon. Helium10 is one of the best tools you can use to increase your chance of success on Amazon.

What Is Helium10, and Who Is it for?

Helium10 is a powerfull  tool for companies involved in Amazon sales and FBA (Fulfilment by Amazon) programs.

This tool will help you zoom out on Amazon's trading world and focus on what's most important to your business. Helium 10 has extensive management capabilities and leading technology in its field to meet most of the significant challenges on the way to establishing a thriving Amazon business.

In fact, this single tool is divided into 6 major departments:

Product Research, Keyword Research, Listing Optimization, Operations, Analytics and Marketing.

It will help users use the correct tactics for sales by applying appropriate keywords and SEO tools. It lets the sellers appear in the right audiences and related searches. It also aids in making the sellers be in reach of potential buyers in their demographic and much more. 

How Helium10 Helps

The main features of Helium10 are all related to Amazon sales. You can download its extension to Chrome and use the various tools for your work. The main thing marketers are looking for is that they stay up-to-date with the latest industry trends to remain in the market and keep engaged with their audience. The tools of Helium10 make it feasible for you. 

What is more, you can improve your online presence on Amazon by using the appropriate tools. You can also stay alert of any fraud or fake buyers. 

Helium10 helps you in product Research on Amazon marketpalce, playeras and spesific data about any product available. 

If that was not enough, also keeps Track of your profits and sales.  


You can generate ready-made reports according to a template or export the data to Excel or another file to analyze as you wish.

Helium10 Toolkit

The following are various tools you can use for your FBA project(s) once you subscribe to Helium10.

Black box

Search through over 450 million
items and use smart filters to uncover
potential high-selling products.


Validate potential product opportunities.

All the information you need to make the right call is

here—revenue estimates, price, sales trends,

sponsored ad analytics, and much more.

Chrome Extension

Powerful marketplace insights available directly on your browser.

See a potential niche or product’s
sales, estimate profitability and fees,
check competitor inventory levels
and more.


Build buyer confidence around your product
by requesting multiple reviews in one click.
Inventory levels


Reveal potential profitability by uncovering sales trends,
demand and seasonality of a product idea.

Profitability calculator


Find thousands of
high-ranking keywords
from a single keyword.


Uncover the keywords your
competitor ranks for to use
on your own listing and create
keyword strategies.


Optimize your listing by
ensuring you include all your
important keywords on the
front and backend.


Organize your keywords into
easy-to-use lists instantly.

Index checker

Verify you’re showing up in search results by checking
and tracking your keyword indexing.

Keyword tracker

Track your keyword rankings, Amazon badges,
and more.

Market Tracker

Get ahead of your competitors by tracking
all the changes that take place in the market
you sell in.


Understand your financial
health and take action when
needed with real-time
profits data.


Protect your business from hijackers &
fraud with live alerts whenever suspicious
activity occurs on your account.

Inventory checker

Protect your inventory by limiting the
number of units allowed per order.

Refund Genie

Get your Amazon refunds
faster with automatic seller
reimbursement requests.

Follow up

Encourage organic reviews and increase
your rank with friendly customer service.


Run PPC campaigns and
effortlessly manage, automate,
and improve them with metrics
and smart suggestions.


Drive external traffic to your products
with easy-to-build landing pages you can
share on social media, email lists, and more


Pay your suppliers, get your Amazon payment earlier,
and more with financial services designed just for you.


Mobile APP

Get push alerts on your phone
of any suspicious activity and
your profits to quickly take
action when needed.



There are different pricing tiers and packages to fit your needs. Each plan requires a monthly payment so that it does not become a burden for the users. The leading five plans are as follows:


  • Free

  • Platinum ( $97 per month )

  • Diamond ( $197 per month )

  • Elite ( $397 per month) 

  •  * Update to 2020

The free plan consists of all the basic tools. Some of the tools are unavailable, while some tools have limited access. The platinum plan offers you unlimited access to some devices and limited access to some restricted tools. The same goes for the diamond plan, where you get more unlimited tools and a higher range for other instruments. Finally, the elite plan has it all. It is the highest tier with live training.   

The Bottom-line 

These days, better sales and a fair marketplace is the dream of every FBA owner. People look for ways to get better at it. I would recommend Helium10 to every such person. It is easy to use, and you can amp up your sales game on Amazon. The diamond plan is the best. You can choose whatever works for you.  
If you are still not ready to buy, try the free plan for yourself or contact to discuss advanced management options for growing businesses on Amazon.

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Outeur: Sonya/ Liba Network 11.11.2020

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